For doll customizer/artists who want a truly realistic, simple way to add their very own artistic, hand painted flair to dolls, we are your shop! 


Blank paint-your-own doll eyes are unique in that there are not a lot of separate parts that you will need to painstakingly glue back together, and we aren't offering you a product that has a retina color that is mass produced! These eyes offer a SIMPLE, clean, professional way to replace the eyes of any American Girl Doll (or other similar 18" size) doll eyes.


ONE part to glue - the back weight, which is easy and self explanatory. Our weight also doesn't have flimsy prongs that will break on you.


Gorgeous pinwheel style iris, and defined pupil for easy painting (and/or add glitter!!) Easy-to-paint eye lids that begin in a light skin shade to take on your favorite color paint or darker skin tone.


Never mass produced irises that are a stock color that other customizers will have. Every single pair of blank eyes can be painted differently by you, so your doll will be 100% one-of-a-kind! (or we have a pre hand painted version too!)


Natural, realistic, gorgeously sweeping eye lashes that aren't crimped on the ends. They look real and perfectly curled!
Quick to ship! Always fast, perfectly packaged, and always on time. We offer custom hand painted eyes by Posh Custom Dolls if you are too scared to give it a go!!

Blank Doll Eyes/Hand Painted Doll Eyes - 18" American Girl Like Doll Eyes